Bathymetric Surveys of Lakes in Nevada

Under the Surveys tab a table that catalogs all known bathymetric surveys of natural lakes that have surface areas greater than 2.0 hectares and maximum depths greater than 2.0 meters is given. The table is broken down by administrative divisions. Each lake is listed under the respective division in which it is located. For lakes that are located in more than one administrative division the following is used: lakes that fall within more than one first level subdivision are listed separately under each subdivision and the latitude-longitude coordinates reflect the center of only that portion of the lake that is located within the subdivision; lakes that fall within more than one non-first level subdivision are listed only once under the subdivision in which the center of the lake is located.

The Survey Detail table heading provides information as to the precision of the original survey. This information is presented in one of three ways: as the number of soundings; as the number of profiles; or as the total length of profiles in kilometers.

A bibliographic source is listed for the majority of bathymetric maps presented under the table heading Source. The original survey information as well as bathymetric map can be found by referencing the bold number in parentheses with the corresponding entry in the bibliography listed at the end of the table.

A list of literature references containing bathymetric maps is presented under the Bibliography tab. The list is ordered by author.

In order to download a PDF file of the Survey History Table with corresponding bibliographic references, please click on the following link:

Download PDF File of Survey History Table

The following abbreviations are used in the table:

  • NA - Not Applicable or Not Available
  • S - Soundings

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